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Linkages to Learning and Strathmore Center for the Arts | Sending Messages of Friendship 

This year our summer camp community project reached a global scale with the launch of our Friendship Flags project! Watch our video to see how we crafted more than 400 flags that connected children across 12 countries. We had a lot of fun creating the kind of world we want to live in and share with all of our new friends!!!

The National Building Museum | Treading Lightly on the Earth 

As part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Recycle My Old Fridgecampaign, our students rescued and transformed this refrigerator with recycled and reclaimed materials for an exhibit at the National Building Museum.

Washington National Cathedral | Reflecting Love and Hope 

To fill the world with good wishes, each participant quickly crafted a mobile using ribbon, beads, and mirrors with hand written words—when the sun reflects off the mirrors, words are projected onto the walls of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Washington National Cathedral | Celebrating Local Dreamweavers 

Creative Adventures visualized the heart of our community by inviting women to interweave their dreams and desires, written and represented on colorful ribbons and beads at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Children’s Medical Center | Placing Every Piece in Place 

For a beautiful finish to a recent addition at the Children’s National Medical Center, Creative Adventures summer campers crafted eight intricate mosaics for display on the new walls to welcome patients and families.

Children’s National Medical & Center Identity Inc. | Opening Doors to a Happier Day |

For this surprise project we borrowed two office doors from the Children’s National Medical Center Identity Inc. and our art students drew, painted, and glued happy critters over every inch to brighten the beginning of each day.

Taste of Wheaton | Savoring Our Community 

To celebrate a Taste of Wheaton, each participant involved contributed a small masterpiece within these huge works of art, currently on display in the Westfield Mall in Wheaton.

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