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Rosana Azar's Acclaimed Creative Adventures Curriculum is now available in 3 Fun and Easy-to- Follow Books!

Rosana has gathered popular exercise from her acclaimed Creative Adventures curriculum into three books that are now available to teachers, parents and facilitators everywhere.

The curriculum uses recycled materials for affordable artwork with a low carbon footprint.

This means you'll be using simple art supplies that are easy to find!

Ideal for school teachers, homeschool parents, counselors, day camp and special program facilitators. The Creative Adventures book walk you through full art lessons as taught in some the highest ranking schools in the United States.

All three books are written by Rosana and edited by Educator, Bess Gutter.

Now Available on Amazon Prime, Barnes & Nobles and Lulu

Get your copy of The Creative Adventures, Book 1 from:

Amazon Prime

Barnes & Noble


Get your copy of The Creative Adventures, Book 2 from:

Amazon Prime

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Get your copy of The Creative Adventures, Book 3 from:

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Instructional Videos for Book 1


As an attorney who went to a Paint Night at age 25 and discovered her love of art, I highly recommend this book! I realized I had a passion/semi tiny little talent for art a little too late in life. I hope teachers can use this book in class and inspire kids to think outside the box and have fun. Some may become artists and some may not but we should be encouraging kids to explore their passions and talents.

--Jenny Rodriguez

This is an excellent and well crafted book filled with well thought out lesson plans, clear language, and beautiful pictures and ideas for projects. This should be on everyone's must-have list as a perfect adjunct to classroom learning and makes planning after school arts curricula easy and rewarding. I highly recommend getting it and can't wait for the next editions to come out!

--Amazon Customer

A fantastic educational material for ALL teachers, not just art teachers!!! If you are looking to add some creativity to your classroom, or even at home, this is a great book. Easy to read and follow all the art projects. A definite purchase and recommendation!!!!!!!!!!!

--Lulu Customer

Great book filled with lessons to be used either for an after school program, homeschoolers, or just activities to do with your kids on a rainy day. Can't recommend this book enough!

--Barnes & Noble Customer

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