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Are you an art lover? Do you believe in making art accessible to all?


If your answer is YES, please consider making a donation to Creative Adventures, a 5013c non-profit. Creative Adventures provides low-cost after school art enrichment programs and summer camps in Montgomery County, Maryland and participates in community service art projects locally and abroad. We believe art transcends boundaries, unifies communities and provides healing, beauty and inner confidence for artists of all levels.  


As a team of professional mosaic artists, painters. Creative Adventures staff offer a unique mixed media experience that brings color, texture and movement into every design that we create. We bring personal styles and energy into every project and have a large body of individual works that complement each and every collaboration.


As artist and educators, we regularly witness the profound impact art plays in the lives of our students. It is our philosophy that fostering creativity and freedom of expression is vital to the overall development, growth and healing of individuals and communities. 

Please help us make this dream come true and give the gift of creativity when you donate to Creative Adventures. We will use our collective talents to inspire students through the creative process and to help beautify public spaces.


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