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Community Building

Creative Adventures Inc. goal is to be a profound force for art in our surrounding community. Through collective artistic expression, our community projects aim to infuse our ever expanding network with creative spirit and goodwill. 

After the experience in Africa, November 2016, I put my wish out loud to “the Universe” I will love to bring more color to the World!!!  and in the last months I created three more murals with the students and their communities.

Let me know if you will be interested to create a unique and wonderful project, to transform your community and bring more Color to it too!

Peninsula Jewish Community Center – Foster City, California

I was invited to work with the Nursery School students, staff and parents at the PJCC and create a mural of my own as well.

Beverly Farms Elementary School – Potomac, Maryland

Worked with the 560 students as an Artist in Residence at the school, creating an organic mural, where each student created her/his own leaf, representing their own design or symbol. 

Temple Beth Ami – Rockville, Maryland

The graduate Class of 4 and 5 years old, invited me to help them to create a legacy gift for the school. The children painted the cloth used for the letters and vines and then draw their own flowers and bugs to add to the mural at the Nursery School foyer.

Kisimani School – Tanzania

Creative Adventures went to Africa!

Creative Adventures, with artists Rosana Azar and Ali Mirsky, along with youth coordinator Talia Orencel, have been invited to Kisimani School in Tanzania, Africa! November ’16

Check the wonderful video about our experience at Kisimani School!

The Orange Wednesday Foundation, commissioned Creative Adventures to create a community art mural for Walter Johnson High School, Bethesda – Maryland, 2016

Many hands and hearts contributed to this beautiful piece.The participatory project was intended to provide healing and inspiration.  The abstract design represents the artists’ love of color and movement and speaks to the creative passion and potential within all of us.

Sending Messages of Friendship | Linkages to Learning and Strathmore Center for the Arts

This year our summer camp community project reached a global scale with the launch of our Friendship Flags project! Watch our video to see how we crafted more than 400 flags that connected children across 12 countries. We had a lot of fun creating the kind of world we want to live in and share with all of our new friends!!!

Treading Lightly on the Earth | The National Building Museum

As part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Recycle My Old Fridgecampaign, our students rescued and transformed this refrigerator with recycled and reclaimed materials for an exhibit at the National Building Museum.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month |
Silver Spring International Middle School

Students, staff and parents from Silver Spring International Middle School came together to breathe life into this Aztec inspired calendar mural.

Reflecting Love and Hope | Washington National Cathedral

To fill the world with good wishes, each participant quickly crafted a mobile using ribbon, beads, and mirrors with hand written words—when the sun reflects off the mirrors, words are projected onto the walls of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Creating a Colorful Welcome | Holy Cross Hospital

Commissioned by Holy Cross Hospital, Creative Adventures teamed up with local high school students to create these gigantic murals in just one week to welcome visitors.

Savoring Our Community | Taste of Wheaton

To celebrate a Taste of Wheaton, each participant involved contributed a small masterpiece within these huge works of art, currently on display in the Westfield Mall in Wheaton.

Placing Every Piece in Place | Children’s Medical Center

For a beautiful finish to a recent addition at the Children’s National Medical Center, Creative Adventures summer campers crafted eight intricate mosaics for display on the new walls to welcome patients and families.

Opening Doors to a Happier Day |
Children’s National Medical & Center Identity Inc.

For this surprise project we borrowed two office doors from the Children’s National Medical Center Identity Inc. and our art students drew, painted, and glued happy critters over every inch to brighten the beginning of each day.

Celebrating Local Dreamweavers | Washington National Cathedral

Creative Adventures visualized the heart of our community by inviting women to interweave their dreams and desires, written and represented on colorful ribbons and beads at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

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