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About Ali & Rosana

We held a shared passion and purpose based on mutual respect and admiration that forged into a collaboration of creativity. 

It seems like fate brought Rosana and Ali together. Born in different countries, living in different cities for most of their lives, yet somehow the two of us ended up meeting at a small café in Maryland to discuss art and teaching together.  Little did we know then that we would soon form a dynamic duo with a shared dream that would lead us to around the world.  

Over the past seven years we have taught alongside one another and collaborated on many community projects and it was during those early years that we quickly recognized that we both held a core belief what it means to effectively teach and foster creativity.

Rosana Azar



Founder and Creator of Creative Adventures

Lead Painter and Educator

Co-director of Creative Adventures Community Mural Program


Ali Mirsky:

Lead Mosaic Artist


Co-director of Creative Adventure Community Mural Program

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